The season of Advent is a time of preparation for all Christians. An opportunity to reorder our thoughts, actions, and hearts toward our Lord Jesus Christ. This time of year is especially focused on the Holy Family and their preparation for life with Christ. Just as the Holy Family relied on the gifts of many for their new life with Christ, Bear Catholic relies on your generosity to facilitate an encounter with Christ. Therefore, we invite you to prayerfully consider participating in our Advent Appeal in preparation for the Spring Semester.


Jakob, RCIA Student

“The thing that began to really change my perspective was a Bible study I was invited to. It wasn’t the Bible study – it was the men, one in particular. They were living in a way I had never seen before. Trusting in God, chastity, and being a part of this community of Christians were something I had never considered before. Gradually, my heart softened, and I started considering the faith. I started to pray. I become a regular Mass attendee.”

Angie, Involved in ESTEEM

“Being part of ESTEEM has shown me that if I am myself and firmly rooted in Truth, leading others to Christ will follow. Through the program, I was able to meet active leaders in the Church who are lay people like me, making a huge impact on the way others encounter the Church. I was able to grow and build a stronger foundation of faith through theological discussions that are focused on Catholic beliefs and what they really mean such as Theology of the Body and Church Apologetics.”