Bear Catholic Leadership

Bear Catholic Campus Ministry relies on the help of students to be a success.  The Bear Catholic Leadership is a group of students, under the direction of the Campus Ministers and Pastor, to help guide the ministry.  Student Leaders are active members of UNC or Aims that have a drive to lead others to the faith through, programming, service, and leadership.



  • March 28: BCL application is released
  • April 11: Applications are due
  • April 12-18: BCL voting ballots are open to Bear Catholic general membership
  • April 21: Bear Catholic Staff makes final decisions on BCL
  • April 22: Decisions are emailed out to candidates
  • April 24: Next year’s BCL is publicly announced to Bear Catholic


  • Remain an active and faithful member of the Catholic Church
  • Strive for a life of chastity, sobriety, and excellence
  • Be a leader among the student body that spreads the Gospel to students in all settings of life
  • Commit to growing deeper in faith through continued formation (i.e. Bible study, discipleship, RCIA, or other faith formation)
  • Be a registered student at UNC or Aims in good academic standing (Undergraduate=2.0, Graduate=3.0)


  • Represent the student population to Bear Catholic staff by being an advocate for the students through regular communication, soliciting feedback, expressing their desires, and sharing the vision of the ministry
  • Serve in your respective role for the duration of an academic year (August-May), with some work to be done over the summer
  • Assist in Bear Catholic activities by planning, promoting, and attending roughly 50% of them
  • Participate in the big staples of the ministry, including Fall Outreach, Bear Awakening, SEEK, and other retreats
  • Attend a two-hour team meeting every Monday evening
  • Select three to four students to participate in your respective chair committee, pending approval of the Campus Ministers
  • Plan and facilitate a meeting with your respective chair committee at least twice a month
  • Volunteer for one hour each week at the Campus Center
  • Act as a “Team Lead” for St. Peter’s Hospitality one Sunday per month
  • Assist Michael in development opportunities as he sees fit
  • Assist FOCUS missionaries in evangelization and discipleship efforts



  • Maintain a clear vision and mission of Bear Catholic through organization, unity, and support
  • Meet with the full-time Campus Minister on a consistent basis to discuss areas of growth within BCL and long-term growth for the ministry
  • Serve as student representative to St. Peter’s Catholic Church, our local sponsoring church
  • Make decisions together with the Chaplain, Campus Ministers, and Club Advisor on questions which demand immediate action
  • Preside over weekly BCL meetings
  • Serve as the primary representative of Bear Catholic for UNC
  • Represent Bear Catholic at Student Senate Meetings as needed
  • Assist Campus Ministers in oversight of chair positions

Vice President 

  • Assist the President in maintaining clear vision of the mission of Bear Catholic through organization, unity, and support
  • Perform all duties of the President in his/her absence and assist the President wherever possible
  • Record minutes during weekly BCL meetings
  • Take part in processes to maintain Bear Catholic as a UNC student organization
  • Serve as Treasurer when applying for UNC funding as needed
  • Establish relationships and coordinate outreach to other clubs and organizations within the UNC community
  • Assist Campus Ministers in oversight of chair positions

Communications Chair 

  • Establish and maintain Bear Catholic identity in various personal and digital settings
  • Maintain Bear Catholic’s presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Assist other chairs in the promotion of their events through various forms of communication (flyers, Flocknote, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Ensure chairs submit information regarding the promotion of their respective events in a timely manner
  • Coordinate opportunities for BCL and FOCUS to outreach on campus (i.e. tabling)
  • Work with the Campus Ministers to keep the Bear Catholic calendar up-to-date
  • Work with Michael and the Community Service Chair on development activities, including, but not limited to: Golf Tournament, Donor Events, Senior Dinner, Mailers

Community Service Chair 

  • Create opportunities for students to participate in the corporal works of mercy and themes of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Connect with local service organizations for programming
  • Work with Education Chair on pro-life related activities, including, but not limited to: Love Life Week, Pro-Life Walks
  • Work with Michael and the Communications Chair on development activities, including, but not limited to: Golf Tournament, Donor Events, Senior Dinner, Mailers

Education Chair 

  • Create opportunities for whole-human, whole-life formation for Bear Catholic
  • Create opportunities of growth in human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation
  • Work with Campus Ministers whenever outside speakers are brought in for programming
  • Work with the Community Service Chair on pro-life related activities, including, but not limited to: Love Life Week, Pro-Life Walks

Liturgy Chair 

  • Assist our priests in the liturgical life of Bear Catholic
  • Coordinate and schedule altar servers for Sunday 6pm Mass, campus daily Masses, and special Masses when needed
  • Coordinate with those who lead music at the Sunday 6pm Mass and Fully Alive
  • Assist sacristans in set-up and clean-up before and after campus Masses and Adoration

Social Chair 

  • Create opportunities for students to form friendships and build authentic community, and through these relationships, encounter God
  • Lead in Fall Outreach and delegate necessary tasks to the rest of BCL
  • Create an end-of-year event to celebrate the year and our graduates

Spiritual Life Chair 

  • Create opportunities for spiritual growth beyond the regular sacramental schedule
  • Plan and promote spiritual events, including, but not limited to: Nocturnal Adoration, Beloved Women’s Retreat, Rosary Walks
  • Promote larger Bear Catholic retreats (Bear Awakening, Striving for Sainthood, etc.)
  • Assist in the promotion of FOCUS Bible studies

If you have questions, please contact our campus ministers.

We look forward to receiving your application soon!